Pictures and videos that will help you with the main components and the fine nuances of a world-class forehand production


Ready position.

1) semi-western grip is set up as a default

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Unit turn

1) non-dominant hand stays on the racket until the body is fully turned sideways to the net, at which point the hands separate

2) Elbow should be far off the body to ensure full range of motion

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ATP forehand: strings are left on the hitting side of the body

WTA forehand: some ladies do it ATP style, the majority though have strings going back behind their body line

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Racket lag

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Contact Point

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Racket release

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More examples:


Here is the video about the one of the most important aspects of any forehand - backswing. It is important for you to know and understand the difference between the ATP and WTA styles. I believe that the ATP style is slowly creeping into WTA and there are more and more women who are using it. So, if your coach is teaching your daughter to hit like men, i think that’s totally ok. However, the reverse is not ok. WTA style has no place in today’s men’s game, so that’s where your education in this matter might save your child a lot of time and you a lot of money.


Textbook from by Novak.