Pictures and videos that will help you with the main components and the fine nuances of a world-class backhand production



1) dominant arm should be fully straight

2) dominant hand on continental grip, non-dominant hand on semi-western

3) shoulders fully turned

4) strings should not be visible to the opponent

5) racket head is above the grip

More examples:



The opposite foot steps forward

1) whenever possible, the step should be at roughly 45 degrees to the side, so the body has the ability to fully turn

More examples:



Racket Drop

1) both wrists drop below the ball giving a player ability to create top spin

Other examples of this phase:



Contact point

1) non-dominant arm is straight

2) racket is perpendicular to the ground and parallel to the net

3) contact point is on the side and in front of the body

More examples of men and women in this phase:



Racket release

1) non-dominant arm is fully extended towards the target

More examples:




1) racket is fully behind the back (the rule is: is you see any part of your racket at the end of the swing, that swing was too short)

More examples: